*We recommend re-heating all items at 325.  If you use the convection mode on your oven this may decrease

the re-heating time by 10–15 minutes.


Turkey – The turkey has been brined, roasted, boned and ready to re-heat.  Turkey stock has been poured over the meat to ensure moistness, covered with baking paper and wrapped in foil. Pre-heat your oven to 325.  The turkey should take about 45-60 minutes depending on how much turkey is in your pan.  Check about 30 minutes into re-heating by lifting a corner of the foil wrapped pan and see how the process is going.  Once fully re-heated you can take the turkey out and rest for 15/20 minutes in a warm area, keep the foil cover on.


Turkey Gravy – Set and ready to re-heat on the stove top.  We recommend using a thick bottomed sauce pan so you don’t scorch the gravy.  Re-heat on medium-medium low and stir occasionally with a whisk. 


Mashed Potato or Root Smash – Both are re-heated in the same manner.  Depending on the amount you ordered, the process may take 35-45 minutes. We recommend giving the mashed potato and the root smash 2-3 stirs during re-heating.  Depending on the amount of product you ordered, you can transfer the mashed potatoes and root smash into ceramic casserole or dish and re-heat in the microwave also.  We recommend you do 2 minute bursts at 80% power, rest for 1 minute and stir.  Do this several times until fully re-heated.


Greens Bean Casserole – The green beans are ready for the oven.  We packed separately the onion crust.   Approximate cooking time, depending on how much you ordered, is 30-45 minutes.  Keep the foil lid on the beans for the first 40 minutes then remove the foil lid and sprinkle with the fried onions for an additional 12 minutes.  GF fried onions are clearly marked.


Sweet Potato – The sweet potato dish is set and ready for the oven.  Approximately cooking time for the potatoes is 30-45 minutes.


Bread Stuffing – The stuffing is ready to go in the oven.   Depending on the amount ordered approximate cooking time is 30-45 minutes.  Some people like a crust on their stuffing some do not.  If you like a crust remove the foil from the pan for the last 15-20 minutes of cooking.


Vegetable Medley - Approximate cooking time, depending on how much you ordered, is 35-40 minutes.  Set in oven keep Covered with foil.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts - The roasted brussel sprouts dish is set and ready for the oven.  Approximately cooking time for the dish is 35-45 minutes depending on the amount you ordered


Apple Pie/ Pumpkin Pie - If you prefer your pie nice and warm for the holiday you can place it in the oven to warm for 20-25 minutes, to tell if it is heated trough place a stick and or small butter knife in the middle of the pie then pull out and touch the palm side of your wrist to see if it is warm to the touch.


**Chef Notes – All ovens are not created equal, oven temperatures can vary from oven to oven.  My best recommendation is to use your eyes and a thermometer to check temperature.  Your best bet is check all items a few times during the re-heating process and vary the temperature 10-15 degrees up or down.  Additionally, you can use a clean beverage/ice cooler to place hot items into until all foods are ready for service.  The coolers are insulated and keep items hot.  Whatever time you plan on serving your Thanksgiving dinner, I suggest starting the re-heating process at least 2 hours prior to that time.  If you have a second oven, use it for holding at 215.  You can keep items in quality condition for 30-40 minutes at that temperature.


**Keeping Product Safe for Re-Heating

It appears that the temperature for this year, 2020 will be around the low 30’s to mid-40’s.  Proper temperature for keeping food safe in refrigeration is 38.  Fit what you can in your refrigerator for safe keeping.  If you run out of room you can use an ice chest to place product in.  Place freezer packs that don’t leak on top of the product in the cooler.  I like to place the freezer packs in a zip lock and place the cooler lid on. You can duct tape the cooler lid to the chest.  Place the cooler either outside or in an un-heated garage.  Product should stay in quality shape overnight.


Thank you for your order and have a very Happy Thanksgiving – The Shully Family and Team